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Prickly Points, etc. — Profile

Name:  Paul deParrie
Location:  Portland, Oregon
Birthday:  19 June, 1949
Bio:  Paul deParrie is the servant of one God, husband of one wife, father of six children, and grandfather (as of April 2004) of 13 grandchildren. He as the editor-in-chief of Life Advocate magazine since 1988 and was a regular news, feature, and commentary writer for the magazine until 1999. He also has 11 published books. He was the organizer of Advocates for life Ministries' 1995-96 SHAME (Stigmatize, Harangue, Agitate, Mortify, and Expose) Campaign where activists picketed abortionists' houses and leafleted their neighborhoods. His work includes ground-breaking pro se litigation for pro-life and pro-family freedom of speech cases. These include a 1998 victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals where the appellate court overturned a "stalking" order obtained by abortionist Jude Hanzo after he organized and conducted two SHAME Campaign pickets outside Hanzo's house. He has been widely interviewed and quoted in the media, including McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time, Playboy, and other publications. He has had editorial-length commentaries appear more than half a dozen times in The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. He currently is a featured writer at and Accomplishments: Named one of the top 15 Enemies of Choice by Ms. Magazine in 1995. The first Oregon pro-life activist to be declared a "stalker" by the courts under Oregon law in 1995. The first Oregon pro-life activist to be undeclared a "stalker" by the Oregon Appeals Court in 1998. Organized the 1995-96 AFLM Stigmatize, Harangue, Agitate, Motify, and Expose (SHAME) Campaign of regular pickets at local abortionists' houses. Recipient of the prestigious Oregon Citizen's Alliance Jason Lee Award in 1997. Banned as the invited speaker to the Pro-Life Wisconsin Banquet in 1994. Covered first rescues in Poland, organized by AFLM in 1992 Jailed for rescue activities in Wichita, Kansas in 1991. Jailed in 1991 for Contempt of Court in Oregon for rescue activities. Declared liable to Lovejoy abortuary in 1991 by an Oregon court for $370,859.80 because of rescue activities. Has not paid a penny to Lovejoy abortuary since the court award. Volunteer Coordinator for Friendship Unlimited Inner City Ministries from 1980 to 1986. Director of Multnomah County Citizens Against Pornography from 1980 to 1985. Pastor of The Church Called Emmanuel in Portland, Oregon from 1977 to 1980. Published books: Unholy Sacrifices of the New Age, co-authored with Mary Pride (Crossway Books) Ancient Empires of the New Age, co-authored with Mary Pride (Crossway Books) The Rescuers (Wolgemuth & Hyatt) Romanced to Death (Wolgemuth & Hyatt) Satan's Seven Schemes (Wolgemuth & Hyatt) A Haunt of Jackals (Fiction/Crossway Books) Blood Upon the Rose (Fiction/Crossway Books) Dark Cures (Huntington House) Jesus Against the Church (Web published at Foster's Night (Fiction/Web published at Learning From the Mistakes of Jesus (Web published at
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