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Prickly Points, etc.
Tuesday, 14 June 2005
The Supercharged Injunction
I told you two posts ago that the judge decided to supercharge the injunction in lieu of holding the City in contempt. WOW! Did he ever!

Since then, we have gone preaching at both Cinco de Mayo and Rose Festival. I think we could have set off high explosives in Cinco de Mayo and they would have left us alone. The cops certainly got the message and not only did not bother us, but actually protected one of our guys when someone tried to throw something at him. However, they were wary not to talk to us, thinking they may get in trouble with what they might say.

Rose Festival was likewise trouble-free. (The picture is of me and the Charmin Bear!) In fact, things have been going EXACTLY HOW THEY SHOULD in a society where free speech is protected. It is a real blessing not to have to spend most of our preaching time trying to explain the First Amendment to security people and cops.

Posted by spinehog at 2:00 PM PDT

Wednesday, 6 February 2008 - 2:35 AM PST

Name: "Ryan Thompson"

Why aren't Neo Nazis on that sign, too?

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