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Prickly Points, etc.
Saturday, 14 May 2005
Legal News
There are two pieces of legal news:

First, you recall I told you about the arrests of Michael Carr in Hillsboro (See March 30). He had his trial on May 13 in Hillsboro for his two school-preaching arrests. It went well for the most part. He had been charged with for the 2004 arrest with one count of trespassing and one count of disorderly conduct and in the 2005 arrest with one count of trespassing, two disorderly conduct, one interference with public transportation, and one of stalking. Only the trespassing from the 2005 arrest stuck. This was due to the testimony of two “Christian” school employees who lied on the stand – I know Michael’s MO and he NEVER trespasses. The one conviction will be appealed and there will still be a civil suit against the school.

The next item involves a lawsuit I filed on May 12. You all remember how four of our Multnomah County commissioners took it upon themselves in March of 2004 to start dispensing marriage licenses to sodomite couples. About 3,022 of them issued before a court told them to stop while it was all figured out. Finally the Oregon Supreme Court in Li (pronounced Lie) v. Oregon decided that Multnomah County was "not authorized" to violate state law and policy on marriage licenses. In Oregon, it is a violation of ORS 294.100 for a public official to spend tax money for purposes "not authorized by law." The penalty is that the official(s) must repay the government agency out of their own pocket! Si I filed suit against a number of county officials based on this law.

Posted by spinehog at 11:00 AM PDT

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